Little Black Backpack

Little Black Backpack Little Black BackpackLittle Black Backpack

Sweater: H&M, Skirt: American Apparel, Boots: H&M, Backpack: Yesstyle

As someone who commutes to and from the city for work, I needed something that would carry a decent amount of essentials, but still look chic and go with nearly every outfit. This leather backpack is the perfect size for my mini umbrella and a small lunch, while still looking classic and adorable.

This backpack is certainly great for my petite size as well, since it sits squarely on my back and is not uncomfortably tugging at anything. I’ve used this backpack on an outing to the Brooklyn Night Baazar and managed to fit twice as many things as I usually have when I brought presents for my boyfriend and his dog, as well as a small change of clothes for the weekend. For people who like fashion as well as function, I highly suggest getting a nice leather backpack to carry all of your essentials (and then some)!